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World’s easiest shelf to install! Instantly transform a blank wall into an attractive display, decorative focal point or practical storage option with INSTASHELF in no time with no hassle. With a built-in level, placement notch and pre-mounted hanger system, INSTASHELF is the easiest shelf you will ever install. Our shelves are made of solid wood and are available in 18”, 24” and 36” lengths. The floating shelves are 5.5” deep.  INSTASHELF products come in your choice of white and chocolate brown, and contemporary and traditional designs.
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How It Works
Level Insert You can easily hang a perfectly straight shelf using the Level Insert which is cleverly hidden in the back of each INSTASHELF product. Built into each INSTASHELF floating shelf and picture ledge is a small level to ensure your new wall display will be beautifully straight.
Placement Notch Also hidden in the back of each INSTASHELF are small Placement Notches used for marking the wall at the exact spot where each hole will be made. Once your INSTASHELF is level, a small mark on the wall at each Placement Notch guarantees the holes in your wall will be perfectly placed for hanging your new wall decor.
Built-in Hanger Unlike other floating shelves that require large hanger systems bolted to the wall in order to hang the shelf, INSTASHELF utilizes an innovative Built-in Hanger system that is attached to the shelf for effortless installation. This unique system requires small holes that are easily made using the included Hole Punch for accurate sizing.
Easy Removal When the time comes to redecorate or move, the INSTASHELF is easily removed from the wall without any tools. Simply flip the shelf up, which releases the Built-in Hanger system, and pull the shelf straight out of the wall.
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